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Bay Area Safe Routes to School

About one out of every seven Bay Area residents is a student from kindergarten age through high school. That’s more than a million kids!

Short car trips to and from schools make up a big share of Bay Area travel — and a big source of the region’s greenhouse gas emissions.

MTC aims to trim the number of these car trips by making it safer and easier for students and teachers to walk or bike to school instead.

Our Bay Area Safe Routes to School program taps federal money to provide about $5 million each year for grants to cities, counties and congestion management agencies to fund:

  • Bike and pedestrian paths that connect with schools
  • On-street bike lanes 
  • Bike racks or other secure bike parking
  • Traffic calming projects
  • Bike safety programs
  • Education and outreach for students and families

MTC’s Bay Area Safe Routes to School grant program supplements state and federal initiatives as well as Safe Routes to School programs in each of our region’s nine counties and in many of our 101 cities. 

Partners include:

  • Alameda County Transportation Commission
  • 511 Contra Costa
  • Napa County Dept. of Education
  • San Francisco Dept. of Public Health
  • San Mateo County Office of Education
  • VTA — Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority
  • Solano Transportation Authority
  • Sonoma County Dept. of Public Health


The goal of this program is simple: remove barriers that may prevent students from walking or biking to school. 

Safe Routes to School is a key element of OBAG and our Climate Initiatives Program.

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