Draft 2019 TIP Grouped Listings

Federal regulations allow MPOs to group or combine projects that are not considered to be of appropriate scale for individual listing. Such projects may be grouped by function, work type or geographical area and must be consistent with the exempt project classification contained in EPA’s “Transportation Conformity Regulations (40 CFR part 93).” Such grouped projects are often referred to as “Lump Sum Projects Listings.” Once grouped, the MPO is required to maintain outside of the TIP, a detail list of the projects contained in each group.

TIP ID Group Listing Revision Approval Date
ALA170060 Traffic Operations Systems and Mobility – Alameda County 2019-00 Pending
MRN170018 Traffic Operations Systems and Mobility – Marin County 2019-00 Pending
REG110039 5307 JARC Set-aside FY13 Large UA 2019-00 Pending
REG110041 FTA Non-Urbanized Formula FY12-FY14 Program (5311) 2019-00 Pending
REG150002 FTA Rural Area Formula FY15 Program (Section 5311) 2019-00 Pending
REG150004 Lifeline Cycle 4 – 5307 JARC Set-aside 2019-00 Pending
VAR150001 FTA Non-Urbanized Formula FY16 Program (5311) 2019-00 Pending
VAR170002 Highway Safety Improvement Program (HSIP) 2019-00 Pending
VAR170004 Highway Maintenance – Pavement Resurfacing/ Rehabilitation SHS 2019-00 Pending
VAR170005 SHOPP - Mobility Program 2019-00 Pending
VAR170006 SHOPP – Roadway Preservation 2019-00 Pending
VAR170007 SHOPP – Collision Reduction 2019-00 Pending
VAR170008 SHOPP – Emergency Response 2019-00 Pending
VAR170009 SHOPP - Mandates 2019-00 Pending
VAR170010 SHOPP - Bridge Preservation 2019-00 Pending
VAR170011 SHOPP - Roadside Preservation 2019-00 Pending
VAR170012 Local Highway Bridge Program (HBP) 2019-00 Pending
VAR170017 Section 130 – Railroad/Highway Crossing Projects 2019-00 Pending
VAR170018 FTA Non-Urbanized Formula FY17 Program (5311) 2019-00 Pending
VAR170019 FTA Non-Urbanized Formula FY18 Program (5311) 2019-00 Pending
VAR170020 FTA Enhanced Mobility of Seniors and Individuals with Disabilities FY15-FY17 Program (5310) 2019-00 Pending