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Standing Committees

MTC works in large part through standing committees.

Matters on the Commission agenda typically come in the form of recommendations from standing committees, which perform much of the nitty-gritty work at MTC.

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Standing committees consider a wide range of planning, funding, management and policy questions. Usually composed of at least nine commissioners, these standing committees provide recommendations to the full 21-member Commission.

To see the meeting schedule and view committee agendas, visit the Meetings page.

MTC Standing Committees

Meetings of MTC's standing committees often provide the first chance for the public to help shape MTC decisions.

We encourage you to participate in standing committee meetings by reviewing materials, attending meetings and commenting.

You may speak on a specific agenda item or offer comments of a general nature under the "Public Comment" agenda item. Meeting agendas provide instructions on how to offer a public comment.

Participate in a standing committee meeting.

Agendas for these meetings typically are posted one week in advance.

If you can’t attend a meeting in person, you can follow the action on our website.

Access live audio casts of all standing committees and full commission meetings.

Archived audio files are also posted. These files are archived in the MP3 format, and can be played within most browsers, or downloaded to a mobile audio device.