Bay Area Housing Finance Authority (BAHFA) Business Plan

The Bay Area Housing Finance Authority’s Business Plan aims to create bold, regional solutions to the Bay Area’s housing challenges.

Amie Holbrook

The BAHFA Business Plan process was launched in 2021 to develop a blueprint for how BAHFA and its partners can come together to tackle the Bay Area’s housing challenges at a regional level and create the broad changes necessary to make housing more affordable for Bay Area residents.

The Business Plan includes two core elements that work together:

  1. The BAHFA Equity Framework establishes BAHFA’s equity objectives and creates a roadmap for the ways BAHFA will prioritize racial justice and the protection of communities most affected by the Bay Area’s high housing costs in its delivery of the 3P programs: protection of at-risk residents, and production and preservation of affordable housing.
  2. The Funding Programs are the financial strategies that will establish BAHFA as a permanent agency that consistently achieves its 3Ps mission.

The BAHFA Business Plan weaves these two pieces together. It contains strategies for long-term operations, and recommends how BAHFA can generate and allocate the financial resources and assistance needed to address the housing challenges in the nine-county Bay Area region.

The draft Business Plan considers, for example, a potential general obligation bond measure that may be placed on the 2024 ballot for consideration by voters in the nine Bay Area counties.

BAHFA Workshops on Draft Equity Framework & Draft Funding Programs

After a year of stakeholder engagement and technical work, BAHFA released its Draft Equity Framework and Draft Funding Programs. Read these documents in the tabs at the bottom of this page.

Members of the public are invited to view the virtual public workshop recordings to learn more about BAHFA’s Draft Equity Framework and Draft Funding Programs:

The same content was covered in both workshop sessions.

Written comments were accepted by email through March 6, 2023.

Staff Contact

If you have questions, please contact BAHFA at bahfa@bayareametro.gov.

BAHFA Equity Framework Background

The BAHFA Equity Framework was developed in collaboration with the Othering & Belonging Institute at UC Berkeley as part of a consultant team led by Forsyth Street Advisors, and serves as the foundation of the BAHFA Business Plan. Its purpose is to:

  • Articulate BAHFA’s commitment to advancing equity;
  • Set objectives for BAHFA’s impact on equity through its funding programs, guided by overarching goals;
  • Define metrics for measuring impact of funding programs; and
  • Provide a regional framework for Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing.

Guided by BAHFA’s Equity Framework, the Funding Programs propose strong, impactful and self-sustaining funding programs that can successfully establish BAHFA as a permanent agency that consistently achieves its mission of housing protection, preservation and production.

Public comments and input received will help inform revisions to the BAHFA Draft Equity Framework and Draft Funding Programs. The BAHFA Business Plan, including the Equity Framework and Funding Programs, is scheduled for final approval by December 2023.