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Policy Advisory Council

Our Policy Advisory Council plays a large part in our commitment to public participation. This panel, made up of 27 Bay Area residents like you, advises MTC on current and future transportation policies.

MTC's Policy Advisory Council

Council members come from Bay Area counties and have passions ranging from advocating on behalf of people with disabilities and under-served communities to protecting the environment or keeping the region's economy moving via an efficient transportation network.

Each member's four-year commitment ensures that our diverse communities and transportation needs are being recognized. 

Members have extensive life experience, work, academic or volunteer backgrounds that focus on economic, environmental and equity issues.

Meet our panel members for 2017 through 2021.

What You'll Do as a Member

You'll jump into the thicket of transportation, learn about the complexities of funding, and help identify the connections between transportation and land use, air quality and climate change.

Watch this page for potential vacancy recruitments.

Meetings are open to the public and held on the second Wednesday of the month at MTC's offices.

All Policy Advisory Council meetings are audiocast and archived here on our website. Meeting materials are posted one week in advance of the meeting.

Advisory Council members are appointed by the Commission, and must be willing to serve a four-year term. Advisors are eligible for a stipend to cover cost of meeting attendance. 

If you’d like more information, please contact:

Public Information Office
Office: (415) 778-6757
Email: info@bayareametro.gov

The Council’s membership is structured around interests related to the economy, the environment and social equity. The 27 members have either a work, academic or volunteer background in the subject, or are extremely familiar with related issues from life experience.

Nine (9) economy and environment representatives are at-large seats appointed by the MTC Chair and Vice Chair.

  • Four of the nine members represent economic interests and four bring an environmental perspective; the ninth member may be selected from either category.
  • In addition, five of the nine must be from each of the five most populous Bay Area counties – Alameda, Contra Costa, San Francisco, San Mateo and Santa Clara.

Eighteen (18) equity representatives are county-based appointments, recommended by the Commissioners in each county.

  • Nine members (one from each county) represent communities of color and issues affecting low-income communities or environmental justice. Of these, four members represent communities of color and four members represent environmental justice/low-income issues; the ninth member may be selected from either category.
  • Nine members (one from each county) represent issues related to transportation for seniors and persons with disabilities. Four members represent seniors and four members represent people with disabilities; the ninth member may be selected from either category.