MTC is the transportation planning, financing and coordinating agency for the nine-county San Francisco Bay Area.

Richmond-San Rafael Bridge Upgrades

Richmond-San Rafael Bridge aerial view in fog

The third eastbound travel lane on the Richmond-San Rafael Bridge opened in 2018.

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Horizon logo

Horizon is preparing the Bay Area for an uncertain future, developing a foundation for the region’s next long-range plan, Plan Bay Area 2050.

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MTC Express Lanes

Traffic stands at a halt while a single car moves freely in the express lane.

MTC Express Lanes are carpool lanes that are free for carpools, buses, motorcycles and other eligible vehicles. Solo motorists — who choose to pay a toll — can use express lanes, too.

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Strategies and Commitments

Pavement recycling

Our investment plan balances maintaining the Bay Area’s existing transportation system with select expansion projects to support expected growth.

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Your Bridge Toll Dollars

San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge toll plaza

Find out how the toll revenue generated by the region's seven state-owned bridges is invested.

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Investing in Transit

new BART car

MTC encourages new housing and job sites in underused urban locations already supported by transportation infrastructure and amenities.

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Freeway Performance

Bumper to bumper freeway traffic, Interstate 80

MTC works closely with Caltrans and county congestion management agencies to maximize the efficiency of our existing freeway network.

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Traveler Services

Commuters line up at the In-Transit customer service kiosk at Embarcader BART.

MTC manages and operates a variety of services that make it easier for you to move around the Bay Area.

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Emergency Readiness

Firemen run drills and check the emergency readiness system in the Caldecott tunnel

MTC leads transportation emergency-preparedness activities across the Bay Area in the case of a natural disaster, major catastrophe or terrorist threat.

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Regional Leadership

Learn about our work with numerous organizations to forge agreements and get the funds we need for our roads, public transit, bicycle paths and more. 

We Track State Bills

It's important that our voice is heard in Sacramento when it comes to transportation issues that affect us all.

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Getting Congress to Act

U.S. Capitol

MTC helped shape key provisions of the FAST Act, the nation’s first long-term surface transportation bill in over a decade. We applaud Congress for working in a bipartisan manner to provide predictable federal transportation funding through fiscal year 2020.