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Complete Streets

Complete Streets are streets designed for all users, including people who walk, bike, drive and use public transit.

Cyclists, pedestrians and vehicles at an intersection
Peter Beeler

In 2006, MTC adopted Resolution 3765 – a policy known as Complete Streets – to ensure that all projects funded with regional funds consider the accommodation of pedestrians, cyclists, public transit users and drivers as part of project planning, design, funding and construction.

The Complete Streets Checklist, established through this resolution, works in conjunction with One Bay Area Grants (OBAG) and the Active Transportation Program (ATP) to utilize funding to support MTC’s regional transportation priorities, which include improvements for people on two feet and two wheels and Safe Routes to School projects.

Staff Contact

For assistance, contact Kara Oberg at or (415) 778-6719.

The Complete Streets Checklist should be utilized at the very beginning of project conception and design. Congestion management agencies and county transportation agencies review the completed project checklists and seek input from the countywide Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Committee to ensure routine accommodation is considered at the earliest stages of development.

Complete the checklist or view the checklist guidance PDF.

For assistance, contact Kara Oberg, MTC, at or (415) 778-6719.

In 2008 Caltrans recognized biking, walking and transit as integral elements of the state transportation system.

A Federal Highway Administration review found pedestrian safety is improved by:

  • Streets with sidewalks
  • Raised medians
  • Optimal bus stop placement
  • Traffic-calming measures
  • Accommodations such as curb ramps for disabled travelers