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West Oakland Link

The West Oakland Link is a proposed 1.1-mile-long elevated pedestrian and bicycle pathway that will connect Mandela Parkway in West Oakland with the existing Bay Bridge path, Judge John Sutter Regional Shoreline (formerly Gateway Park), Treasure Island and, eventually, downtown San Francisco. The Link will also connect Oakland’s growing network of walking and biking routes with the greater San Francisco Bay Trail.

West Oakland Link
West Oakland Link proposed project site

The West Oakland Link was originally an element of the Gateway Park project at the Oakland end of the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge. That project was divided into two portions in 2015, and the trail portion of the project that will link the West Oakland community to the park and the San Francisco Bay Trail is now called the West Oakland Link.

Located in an area of heavy industry, port, rail and freeway infrastructure, the Link will enhance public safety by enabling residents of West Oakland and the greater East Bay to bike and walk on a structure that is separated from truck and rail traffic. The projected $65 million project is supported by the Bay Area Toll Authority, Alameda County Transportation Commission, the City of Oakland and Caltrans. The proposed project is planned to be implemented in phases based on the availability of State and other funds.

A virtual public meeting was held Dec. 17, 2020 to share details of the West Oakland Link project, to report on progress made to date, and to receive comments from the public.