Electric Vehicles

Electric vehicles (EV) play a key role in MTC’s goals for reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Noah Berger

Electric vehicles (EVs) offer an exciting alternative to gas-powered vehicles.

To meet the greenhouse gas emissions goals set in Plan Bay Area, the region’s long-range transportation plan, MTC is working with cities and counties to develop and support EV programs.

EVs are cars, trucks and scooters that run partially or completely using an electric propulsion system, reducing their reliance on fossil fuels. Because EVs have no tailpipe emissions, they play a key role in helping reduce greenhouse gas pollution from transportation.

MTC supports investments in EV incentives, charging infrastructure and planning efforts to accelerate the adoption of EVs over conventional gas vehicles. MTC also helps conduct outreach activities and exchange of information and best practices.

EV Grant Programs

MTC works with the Bay Area Air Quality Management District (Air Distric) on EV grant programs, including:

Check the Air District website for more electric vehicle resources.

Bay Area EV Coordinating Council

MTC, in partnership with the Air District, organizes quarterly meetings of the Bay Area EV Coordinating Council. The EV Council is a peer-to-peer forum of stakeholders to share information, provide input, and communicate updates to EV Resources.

Types of EVs

Electric vehicles typically use batteries that are charged using electricity from electric vehicle supply equipment (EVSE), or EV chargers. Battery electric vehicles (BEV) are fully electric cars that run on the battery only, while plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEV) use both batteries and gasoline or diesel to power the car.

Additionally, fuel cell electric vehicles (FCEV) use other types of fuels such as hydrogen to power an electric motor. In addition to personal automobiles, there are increasing opportunities for transportation electrification across a diversity of mobility options, including transit, shuttles, bikes, and scooters.