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Bay Area Infrastructure Financing Authority

The Bay Area Infrastructure Financing Authority, or BAIFA, is a six-member committee that oversees the planning, financing, construction and operation of freeway express lanes and related transportation projects.

BAIFA is organized as a joint powers authority between MTC and the Bay Area Toll Authority.

A “joint powers authority” is a partnership between similar agencies across separate local or state governments.

For assistance, please contact Kimberly Ward,

Vacant, Chair
Amy R. Worth, Vice Chair
Federal D. Glover
James P. Spering
Carol Dutra Vernaci
Non-Voting Member: Dina El-Tawansy

FasTrak® is the Bay Area’s electronic toll collection system, and can be used to pay tolls on all Bay Area toll bridges as well as on Express Lanes around the region.

FasTrak® also can be used to pay for parking at San Francisco International Airport. FasTrak toll tags are available at Safeway, Walgreens and Costco locations around the Bay Area and beyond.


MTC’s Express Lanes are carpool lanes that anyone can use.

The lanes are free for buses and qualifying carpools, vanpools, motorcycles and zero-emission vehicles.

Express lanes also may be used by solo drivers who choose to pay a toll to take advantage of unused capacity in the lanes.

Express lane tolls vary based on traffic conditions, with revenues used to close gaps in the Bay Area’s carpool lane network.


What Is MTC?