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The Bay Area Partnership

The Bay Area Partnership is a confederation that works to improve safety, mobility and air quality. Top executives from the following agencies make up this partnership:

  • MTC
  • Public transit operators
  • County congestion management agencies
  • City and county public works departments
  • Ports
  • Caltrans
  • U.S. Department of Transportation
  • Environmental protection agencies

The executives work by consensus to improve our transportation network, including developing strategies for financing transportation improvements.

The Bay Area's numerous natural barriers and rich mix of urban, suburban and rural settings and subeconomies have given birth to a multiplicity of transportation system owners, operators and regulators. This institutional framework ensures that widely varying local needs are met, but also requires that the players work with each other to coordinate services where their systems intersect or overlap. In this complex environment, integration depends on connections that are as much financial, institutional and informational as they are physical — hence the need for a strategic alliance on the scale of The Bay Area Partnership that can focus on the larger picture of how the individual components fit together.

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