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Community-Based Transportation Plans

To improve mobility options for low-income communities around the Bay Area, MTC takes a grass roots approach.

Our Community-Based Transportation Planning program, or CBTP, brings local residents, community organizations and transportation agencies together to identify low-income neighborhoods' most important transportation challenges and develop strategies to overcome them.

Each completed plan contains:

  • Demographic analysis of the area
  • List of community-prioritized transportation gaps and barriers
  • Strategies or solutions to address these gaps
  • Identification of possible funding sources
  • List of stakeholders to implement the plan
  • Documented results of community outreach strategies

Findings from these projects are forwarded to MTC and local policymakers to guide decisions on planning, funding and implementation.

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Guidelines for our CBTP program call for county transportation agencies, or CTAs, to serve as the lead agency in each collaborative planning process.

Other participants include:

  • Community residents
  • Local community organizations
  • Faith-based organizations serving the local community
  • Transit agencies
  • MTC

MTC’s Lifeline Transportation Program is a key source of funding for projects identified by CBTP.

Over the past decade, projects developed through this planning process have accounted for up to half of the funding commitments made through the Lifeline program.