Standing Committees

MTC’s Standing Committees consider a wide range of questions on policies, planning and programs, and provide recommendations to the full Metropolitan Transportation Commission.

This dizzying view from the lower deck of the old East Span shows the cantilever mid-demolition

Sam Burbank
Administration Committee

The Administration Committee oversees and approves MTC administrative tasks, including staff oversight, consultant contracts, budgeting and financial policies, reports and audits.

Man's hand signing document.
BAHFA Oversight Committee

The Bay Area Housing Finance Authority (BAHFA) Oversight Committee oversees the work of the authority that is addressing the Bay Area’s chronic housing challenges.

Affordable modular homes under construction at Sango Court in Milpitas.
BAIFA Network & Operations Committee

The Bay Area Infrastructure Finance Authority (BAIFA) Network and Operations Committee oversees the BAIFA Express Lane network and State Route 37 tolling.

A highway with an Express Lane.
BAIFA Regional Toll Policy Committee

The Bay Area Infrastructure Finance Authority (BAIFA) Regional Toll Policy Committee guides BAIFA on coordination of toll policies and express lane planning.

A sign indicating when FasTrak is required to use the lane on the highway.
BATA Oversight Committee

Bay Area Toll Authority’s (BATA) Oversight Committee oversees the work of the authority that administers revenue from the region’s seven state-owned toll bridges.

Aerial photo of the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge
Executive Committee

The Executive Committee considers urgent matters that arise between regular meetings of the Metropolitan Transportation Commission.

Members of the MTC Executive Committee.
Joint MTC ABAG Legislation Committee

The Joint MTC ABAG Legislation Committee brings together members from MTC and the Association of Bay Area Governments (ABAG) to oversee both agencies’ priorities, policies and positions.

California state capitol building in Sacramento
Planning Committee

The Planning Committee oversees MTC’s planning studies and programs, and recommends revisions to Plan Bay Area – the region’s long-term transportation plan.

Bird's view of Hamilton Wetland Restoration Area, part of the San Francisco Bay Trail
Programming & Allocations Committee

The Programming & Allocations Committee develops the policies and recommendations about how to spend state and federal funds.

Two people working on laptops and on paper.
Regional Network Management Committee

The Regional Network Management Committee oversees many of the programs MTC runs for the public, including MTC’s traveler services like 511 and Clipper®, as well as highways and major roads.

A smiling man pays for transit with his Clipper card, while a public bus drives past in the opposite direction.