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Clipper® Executive Board

The Clipper® Executive Board was formed by a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between MTC and Bay Area transit agencies. It is comprised of top executives from the following agencies:

  • Metropolitan Transportation Commission
  • Alameda-Contra Costa Transit District
  • Bay Area Rapid Transit District
  • Golden Gate Bridge Highway and Transportation District
  • San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency
  • San Mateo County Transit District
  • Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority
  • Two representatives from the remaining MOU parties

The Clipper® Executive Board works by consensus to establish goals, a budget and work plan, and provide policy, oversight, direction, and authorization of significant business matters for the Clipper® fare payment system.

The Clipper® Executive Board meets monthly.

For assistance, please contact Martha Silver,

Denis Mulligan, Chair, Golden Gate Bridge, Highway & Transportation District

Rick Ramacier, Vice Chair, County Connection

Nuria Fernandez, VTA

Jim Hartnett, San Mateo County Transit District / Peninsula Corridor Joint Powers Board

Michael Hursh, AC Transit

Tom Maguire, SFMTA

Therese W. McMillan, MTC

Robert Powers, BART

Nina Rannells, WETA