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Regional Onboard Survey Program

A surveyor on a transit vehicle enters the responses of two women into his tablet computer.

Since 2012 MTC has managed a regional transit passenger survey program for fixed-route service operating within the nine-county San Francisco Bay Area. Data is collected from approximately five percent of passengers riding the Bay Area’s buses, trains, and ferries. Survey data collected from passengers includes trip location information, connecting transportation modes from origins and to destinations, fare payment information, and demographic characteristics of riders and their households.

The survey is conducted on a rolling basis, with surveying for one or several transit operators completed each spring and each fall. Within each program cycle, a sample of all operators’ passengers are surveyed roughly every five to seven years. 

The data collected from the transit passenger survey are used to support federal Title VI equity reporting requirements for transit riders, to refine regional analytical planning tools, and to perform other MTC transit passenger and equity analyses. If you are one of our randomly-selected passengers for the survey, we greatly appreciate your participation!

Visit the website for MTC's Regional Onboard Survey Program to learn more about the program.