MTC’s 2024 Equity Priority Communities Update

The Comment Period Has Ended

The public comment period for the Draft 2024 Equity Priority Communities Update is now closed.

MTC and the Association of Bay Area Governments have developed a draft update to the geographies of the Bay Area’s Equity Priority Communities (EPCs), which help inform long-range planning efforts such as Plan Bay Area 2050+, as well as funding and public engagement priorities.

While the methodology remains consistent with past updates, proposed changes to Bay Area EPCs include census tracts and updated thresholds of demographic variables based on the most recent American Community Survey (ACS) data (2018-2022).

We Want to Hear From You

MTC staff solicited comments from April 15 to May 15, 2024, on the Draft 2024 EPC Update, which includes: 

  • A technical memo detailing the proposed changes;  
  • An interactive map visualizing the proposed EPCs using the latest census tract geographies; and 
  • Comparison maps showing the changes in EPCs since the last update. 

Partners and technical stakeholders, including local jurisdiction and Bay Area County Transportation Agency staff, were invited to weigh in on the proposed changes. Those wishing to provide feedback on the Draft 2024 EPC Update and the proposed Equity Priority Communities Map were encouraged to do so using the comment form below. Feedback was also accepted via email to info@planbayarea.org using the subject line “EPC Update.” 

The deadline for comment was Wednesday, May 15, 2024. 

Comments, questions and clarifications will be responded to as needed prior to finalizing and publishing materials and resources online in late spring 2024. The update will be incorporated into Plan Bay Area 2050+, currently slated for adoption in fall 2025.

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