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Bay Bridge Forward

Bay Bridge Forward implements a suite of near-term investments to improve efficiency in crossing the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge. The goal of these improvements is to reduce delays while moving more people and buses across the most-traveled bridge in the Bay Area.

San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge at sunrise
Karl Nielsen
Tuesday, July 14, 2020

Operational Improvements

  • I-580 Westbound Bus/HOV Lane Extension: A general purpose lane will be converted to a bus/HOV lane from the I-980/SR 24 interchange to connect with the existing bus/HOV lane at the toll plaza approach (just west of the MacArthur maze), a distance of approximately 1.5 miles
  • I-80 Westbound Bus/HOV Lane Extension: The right shoulder will be converted to a bus/HOV lane from the I-80 Powell Street westbound diagonal on-ramp to connect with the existing bus/HOV lane at the toll plaza approach (the HOV fly-over direct connector), a distance of approximately 1,800 feet.
  • I-80/Powell Street Interchange Transit Access Improvements: This project will modify the I-80/Powell Street interchange in Emeryville to provide a bus queue jump lane in the westbound direction on Powell Street approaching the Frontage Road intersection. Existing bus stops near the interchange will be relocated to improve transit operations.
  • I-80 Design Alternative Assessment (DAA): A design alternative assessment will be conducted to address congestion for the I-80 corridor in Alameda and Contra Costa Counties between the Carquinez Bridge and the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge. The assessment will produce concepts to improve higher occupancy modes of travel, such as express buses and carpools.
  • West Grand Ave Bus/ HOV Lane Extension: The shoulder along the Bay Bridge on-ramp in Oakland was converted to a bus/HOV lane (completed in 2019). Further improvements will be made when the existing westbound right shoulder on West Grand Ave between the I-580 Eastbound on-ramp and the intersection of West Grand Ave with Frontage Road is converted to a bus/HOV lane. Additionally, a multi-use path for bicyclists and pedestrians will be constructed on eastbound West Grand Ave between Maritime Street and Mandela Parkway.
  • Toll Plaza Hours of Operation: An evaluation will be conducted to determine if toll plaza hours should be changed (for example, to all-day operations or to cover the typical duration of congestion).
  • HOV Lane Improvements: Along the I-80 corridor in Alameda and Contra counties, additional signage and striping will be added at strategic locations to improve HOV lane operations and reduce HOV lane violations.
  • Improved Technology: New technology will be utilized to improve transit operations and to better communicate with travelers to encourage a shift to vehicles with higher occupancy.

Demand Management and Shared Mobility Strategies

  • New Express Bus Service: AC Transit, and/or Western Contra Costa Transit Authority will pilot new transbay routes between the East Bay and San Francisco.
  •  Bike Shuttle Program: The existing Bay Bridge Bike Shuttle program will be expanded, potentially increasing service frequency, and providing additional pick up and drop off locations.
  • Commuter Parking Lots: Additional commuter parking lots will be added along the I-580 and I-80 corridors in the East Bay. Potential sites have been previously identified as part of the I-580 Design Alternative Assessment and the West Contra Costa County Express Bus Implementation plan, and will be further evaluated for implementation.
  • MTC SHIFT Program: Working with employers, the MTC SHIFT Program will be expanded to reduce drive-alone rates.

Map indicating location of Bay Bridge Forward projects

Please see description of projects above.

West Grand Ave. Bus/HOV Lane Extension project map

Please see description of project above.

The following improvements were made as part of the 2016 Bay Bridge Forward initiative:

  • West Grand HOV/Bus Only Lane: Convert a shoulder of West Grand Avenue on-ramp in Oakland to a bus/high-occupancy vehicle (HOV) lane to enable buses and HOVs direct access to the toll plaza

  • Bryant St. On-Ramp: Pilot various enforcement methods to reduce HOV violations.

  • Casual Carpool: Establish casual carpooling pick-up locations at key locations in San Francisco and along Interstate 80 in the East Bay

  • Integrated Bridge Corridor: Integrate and optimize traffic management systems at all bridge approaches.

  • Higher Capacity/Increased Express Bus Service: Retrofit buses and increase frequencies on impacted AC Transit transbay routes, and add double-decker buses on the most productive AC Transit and WestCAT Transbay express bus routes.

  • Pilot Express Bus Routes: Pilot new AC Transit Transbay routes to serve increasing demand from inner East Bay residents.

  • Transit Signal Priority: Give buses priority at traffic signals on the West Grand Avenue approach to the Bay Bridge.

  • Commuter Parking: Establish commuter parking in the East Bay to encourage carpool and express bus ridership. See details about Pivot Point Commuter Hubs.

  • Higher Frequency Ferry Service: Increase service frequencies on the Alameda, Oakland and Vallejo routes.

  • Flexible On-Demand Transit: Provide on-demand transit services from the East Bay to job centers outside of downtown San Francisco that are not well-served by transit.

  • Shared Mobility: Continue zero-dollar partnerships with shared mobility providers to take advantage of emerging carpooling, vanpool and transit services