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Intelligent Transportation Systems — ITS

Bay Area transportation is getting “smarter” — and MTC is leading the way.

We guide the ongoing development of the Bay Area ITS Architecture, a blueprint for integrating and coordinating various technologies collectively known as intelligent transportation systems, or ITS.

ITS is all about harnessing technology to make our streets, highways and transit systems smarter, safer and more efficient.  This includes:

  • Traffic management
  • Transit operations
  • Traveler information systems
  • Emergency management
  • Maintenance and construction management
  • Data archiving

Learn more when you visit our Bay Area ITS Architecture website.

Development and refinement of the Bay Area ITS Architecture is a joint effort of MTC and more than 100 other partners, including:

  • Bay Area cities
  • County congestion management agencies
  • Transit operators
  • Ports and airports
  • California Department of Transportation (Caltrans)
  • California Highway Patrol
  • Association of Bay Area Governments, Bay Conservation and Development Commission, and Bay Area Air Quality Management District
  • More

Among the most intriguing ITS frontiers is the advent of self-driving cars and other connected vehicles.

These are cars that communicate with other vehicles and with on- and off-street information nodes. Plenty of research still must be done, but creation of a wireless network that includes cars, buses, trucks,  traffic signals, smart phones and other devices could transform the way we travel — and shift  the focus of safety initiatives from surviving accidents to avoiding them altogether.

Read more about connected vehicles.

Like technology itself, the Bay Area ITS Architecture is continually evolving. Following a comprehensive update in 2011, ongoing work focuses on tech systems likely to be implemented within the next 10 years.