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Bay Area Bike Share

Bay Wheels is the Bay Area’s regional bicycle share system that operates in the cities of Berkeley, Emeryville, Oakland, San Jose and the city and county of San Francisco.

Three BayWheels bicycles

Bay Wheels allows users to make point-to-point trips using shared bicycles. The system will have at least 7,000 bicycles and 550 stations once deployment is complete. The bicycles include classic pedal powered, station-based bikes, and hybrid electric bikes (ebikes), which can be docked at a station or a city bicycle rack. Bay Wheels is a 7-party partnership, with the five cities, MTC as the system administrator, and Bay Area Motivate (now owned by Lyft) as the owner and operator.

You can use your Clipper Card to unlock bikes, and if you qualify for the Bike Share for All membership, pay only $5 for the first-year. It is possible to pay for your membership with cash at MTC’s The Hub, located at 375 Beale Street in San Francisco.

Get riding through the Bay Wheels website or by walking up to a station.


Curious about the Bay Wheels trip data? View the anonymized raw data and real-time data from Lyft.



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