Transit Regional Network Management

As the Bay Area’s transportation planning, financing and coordinating agency, MTC supports regional efforts to make Bay Area transit simpler, easier to use and more affordable. Regional Network Management (RNM) looks at the entire transit system to identify ways to improve the network and rider experience.

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MTC and transit agency partners are working on different projects that will make the transit ridership experience better. These efforts, guided by the Transit Transformation Action Plan, include improvements to reshape the region’s transit system into a more connected, more efficient and more rider-focused mobility network across the entire Bay Area.

Priority projects include efforts to improve transit fare policies, mapping and wayfinding, and transit priority.

Project details and status updates will be added to this page in the coming months.

Meeting Bodies

Three meeting bodies are guiding the Regional Network Management (RNM) work at MTC. Together, these committees will provide input and make recommendations based on the expertise of transit leaders and Bay Area transit riders:

Regional Network Management Committee

A committee of the MTC Commission that helps set the vision for transit in the Bay Area and drive the direction of the RNM.

Regional Network Management Customer Advisory Group

Representatives from advocacy organizations, MTC’s Policy Advisory Council and local government who stand for the customer and can help inform decision-making with the customer in mind.

Regional Network Management Council

General manager-level representatives from transit operators and MTC who understand transit operations and can represent the interests of their stakeholders and provide leadership and critical input on regional policies.

Staff Contact

Melanie Choy, MTC Regional Network Management Section Director
Phone: 415-778-6607


The Blue Ribbon Transit Recovery Task Force worked in 2020 and 2021 to outline 27 specific near-term actions to reshape the Bay Area’s transit system into a more connected, more efficient and more user-focused mobility network across the entire Bay Area.

This set of actions forms the cornerstone of a formal Bay Area Transit Transformation Action Plan, adopted by the Metropolitan Transportation Commission in fall 2021.

As a result of the Action Plan, a Network Management Business Case Evaluation kicked off in late 2021 to assess and recommend a preferred Regional Network Management framework that would support implementation of the Action Plan and help achieve near-term and longer-range transit mobility goals. The business case was guided by a 14-member Network Management Business Case Advisory Group comprised of transit operators and stakeholders.

The business case was completed in December 2022 and the Commission approved the Regional Network Management Framework in February 2023.

The regional network management activities outlined above are a result of the work done by the Commission, the Task Force, consultants and partners.

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